On revient tout juste des 10ans des copains de Nina’School, et on a plein de dates qui tombent! Vous pourrez les trouver dans la rubrique « tour ». Nos prochaines dates sont là:
17.10 – France, Strasbourg // 18.10 – Germany, Darmstadt // 25.10 – Germany, Saalfeld // 21.11 – France, Nancy // 13.12 – the Netherlands, tba // 19.12 – Germany, Trier

We’re just back from a cool weekend celebrating the 10th anniversary of our friends in Nina’School, and we already have plenty of shows being booked! You can find them in the « tour » section. Our shows for the coming months are right below:
17.10 – France, Strasbourg // 18.10 – Germany, Darmstadt // 25.10 – Germany, Saalfeld // 21.11 – France, Nancy // 13.12 – the Netherlands, tba // 19.12 – Germany, Trier


Pour des raisons personnelles, nous avons décidé d’annuler notre participation au Boripunk Festival du 4 octobre, en Belgique. En effet, il ne nous est pas concevable de partager l’affiche avec Zephyr 21, groupe ayant un connivence (voulue ou pas) avec alain soral et « égalité et réconciliation ». Dans la mesure où ce groupe ne s’est, à ce jour, toujours pas désolidarisé de ce personnage et de son groupuscule populiste, identitaire et nationaliste, nous refusons de nous retrouver sur la même scène qu’eux. Le Boripunk Festival a choisi de maintenir la programmation de ce groupe plutôt que de l’évincer de l’affiche. Nous en prenons note.

Pour les amis belges qui voulaient nous voir, nous serons à La Louvière ce vendredi 29 août avec Eleven et Fire Me. Entrée gratuite!




EselRock 31.05.2014




P.O.Box / The JB Conspiracy



26.01.2014, 15:00 French time.


25.12.2013, 15:00 French time.


You made it happen! 5.000€ collected, enabling us to record this new LP. YOUR new LP, « F#RTH#R ».
Support came from France, Canada, Germany, the UK, the USA, Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands, Japan, Singapore, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Switzerland, Italy, Denmark, Sweden… We’re stoked to see so many people, all around the world, involved in this recording.
We owe you, eternally


Hey! So here we are, recording a new full length between October 19 and November 10, 2013. And we definitely can’t wait. It should be out in January 2014.
For 12 years, we’ve been touring all around Europe, Canada, Japan. For 12 years, we’ve been doing that for fun. For 12 years, we’ve been recording cds. For 12 years, it hasn’t been our job and we’ve never wanted it to be. For 12 years, we’ve been struggling financially speaking. And for 12 years, we’ve met thousands of new friends all around the world, and they’ve been giving us the will to keep being a band.
Today, recording this new album will ruin us. And we need your help. That’s why we decided to launch this crowd-funding project. Instead of running the race of the best rewards (and so the race of who will give the most money), we thought it would be fair to give anyone the possibility to back us up for this recording, and to get the same reward, being our new album (CD or vinyl) in your mailbox a couple of days before its release.
Thanks in advance for your support.




Acoustic show! We’ll play an acoustic show in Tokyo on July 14th, at Yoyogi Park. That will probably be fun. We also added some new German shows for October. Check the tour section.


Summer season is on the way. We’ll play a couple of festivals here and there in June/July, and will also tour Japan in July!

07.06.2013 – Germany / Ulm @ Blaurock Open Air
29.06.2013 – France / Saint Aignan sur Cher (45) @ Castle Fest
06.07.2013 – France / Harréville les Chanteurs (52) @ Pelstival
13.07.2013 – Japan / Tokyo @ Nakano Moonstep
15.07.2013 – Japan / Osaka @ Club Drop, Funi-Twice, King Cobra
19.07.2013 – Japan / Iizuka @ Dai San Souko
20.07.2013 – Japan / Kagoshima @ Kokubu Fuzz Rock Hall
21.07.2013 – Japan / Fukuoka @ Yakuin Utero


We’ll be on tour from April 20th to 28th. It’s gonna be rad. In the meantime, we’re having a couple of shows here and there. Check the tour section for more info.



« Gemütlich Tour 2012″ is over. Back to normal life. Sad.
Thanx to all the promoters involved in this great tour. Thanx to the awesome crowds we had. Thanx to the tons of new friends we made. Thanx to the tons of old friends we met again (and who traveled long distance sometimes). Thanx to the cool support bands we shared stages with. Thanx to the lovely people who offered us food or shelters for the night. Thanx to Fabian and our terrific booking agency K.O.K.S. for the great job they did once again.
Two months off now, working on our new album. Getting excited again.


Our « Gemütlich Tour » starts next Friday!!!

05.10.2012 – Germany / Giessen @ Jokus
06.10.2012 – Germany / Wiehl @ Wiehltalhalle
12.10.2012 – Belgium / Mol @ JH Tydeeh
26.10.2012 – Belgium / Arlon @ L’Entrepôt w/ The Aggrolites
27.10.2012 – France / Valleroy (54) @ MavFest
28.10.2012 – Germany / Frankfurt @ Elfer Club
29.10.2012 – Germany / Hannover @ Chez Heinz w/ Skaferlatine
30.10.2012 - Germany / Hildesheim @ Löseke Kulturfabrik
31.10.2012 - Germany / Kiel @ Schaubude
01.11.2012 - Germany / Hamburg @ Hafenklang
02.11.2012 - Germany / Berlin @ White Trash
03.11.2012 - Germany / Essen @ Zeche Fritz


Summer Festivals! Come party with us there:
28.07.2012 – Germany / Düsseldorf @ Scream It Out Loud Festival w/ MxPx, Turbo AC’s, The Bottrops…
03.08.2012 – Belgium / LaHamaide @ Eté Rock Lite Festival
04.08.2012 – Belgium / Oostaker @ Bruudruuster Rock
05.08.2012 – Germany / Trebur @ Trebur Open Air w/ H-Blockx, Puddle of Mudd, Triggerfinger
09.08.2012 – Germany / Eschwege @ Open Flair Festival w/ Social Distorsion, Boysetsfire, Beatsteaks…
11.08.2012 – Germany / Villmar @ Tells Bells Festival w/ H2O, Madball, Heideroosjes…



Upcoming shows! // Prochains concerts!

17.05.2012 – The Netherlands / Ysselsteyn @ Jera On Air Festival w/ Heideroosjes, Authority Zero, Counterpunch…
01.06.2012 – France / Nancy (54) @ Le Hublot w/ Nina’School, Diego Pallavas
05.07.2012 – France / Paris (75) @ Les Combustibles w/ Oz One, PL Mafia
06.07.2012 – France / Lille (59) @ Select w/ Nothing For Free
08.07.2012 – Belgium / Herselt @ JH DeChoke
13.07.2012 – France / tba @ tba w/ tba
14.07.2012 – Belgium / Antwerp @ tba w/ tba
28.07.2012 – Germany / Düsseldorf @ Scream It Out Loud Festival w/The Bottrops…
03.08.2012 – Belgium / LaHamaide @ Eté Rock Lite Festival
04.08.2012 – Belgium / Oostaker @ Bruudruuster Rock
05.08.2012 – Germany / Trebur @ Trebur Open Air
09.08.2012 – Germany / Eschwege @ Open Flair Festival w/ Boysetsfire, Beatsteaks, ZSK…
11.08.2012 – Germany / Villmar @ Tells Bells Festival
08.09.2012 – France / Ste Catherine de Fierbois (37) @ Festival de la Pucelle
22.09.2012 – France / Tucquegnieux (54) @ Festival Tout Pour Tous
27.10.2012 – France / Valleroy (54) @ MavFest


Upcoming shows! // Prochains concerts!

24.03.2012 – France / Grosbliederstroff (57) @ Roots du Rock Festival
31.03.2012 – France / Nancy @ Forêt de Haye
06.04.2012 – Luxembourg / Luxembourg @ Melusina w/ MxPx
07.04.2102 – France / Abbeville @ Le Jukebocks w/ Sick&Sad
08.04.2012 – France / Hazebrouck (59) @ Shaka Laka w/ Brixton Robbers, Black Sheep
09.04.2012 – France / Laval (53) @ Queen’s Bar w/ Sick&Sad
10.04.2012 – France / Bordeaux (33) @ Antidote W/ Useless Incorporated
11.04.2012 – France / Montpellier (34) @ The Black Sheep w/ tba
12.04.2012 – France / Nice (06) @ Le Tapas w/ tba
13.04.2012 – France / Monaco (98) @ AJM w/Immodium, En Un Seul Maux
14.04.2012 – France / Grenoble (38) @ Le Bifurk w/ Deluxe, The Architect & Vj Befour
17.04.2012 – Switzerland / Geneva @ Le Contretemps w/ A Whilhem Scream
18.04.2012 – France / Décines (69) @ Le Warmaudio w/ Little Box, Slut Machine
19.04.2012 – France / Orléans (45) @ Le 5ème Avenue w/ tba
20.04.2012 – France / Tours (37) @ Hurricane’s Pub w/ Personne
21.04.2012 – France / Vic Le Comte (63) @ Alambic Festival w/ Personne, Goat Cheese
04.05.2012 – Germany / Weroth @ LiveRock Weroth w/ Strength Approach
05.05.2012 – France / Cercy la Tour (58) @ Cambrous’tival w/ Union Jack…
01.06.2012 – France / Nancy (54) @ Le Hublot w/ Nina’School, Diego Pallavas
02.06.2012 – France / Dijon (21) @ Deep Inside w/ tba
05.07.2012 – France / Paris (75) @ Les Combustibles w/ tba
28.07.2012 – Germany / Düsseldorf @ Scream It Out Loud Festival w/The Bottrops…
03.08.2012 – Belgium / LaHamaide @ Eté Rock Lite Festival
09-12.08.2012 – Germany / Eschwege @ Open Flair Festival w/ Boysetsfire, Beatsteaks, ZSK…
11.08.2012 – Germany / Villmar @ Tells Bells Festival
08.09.2012 – France / Ste Catherine de Fierbois (37) @ Festival de la Pucelle


‎ »On How To Light A Fire » video out! Share, share, share! A huge THANK YOU goes out to Nikola Lange, Reda Makhloufi, Benjamin Delboy, Jérémy Delpon, Sanabel Cherqaoui, Spadeus Studio, Vidéo de Poche, Les Combustibles and its crew!


Our next show!


Happy new year 2012! For us, 2012 will be like that… And it’s just a beginning!

Bonne année 2012! De notre côté, 2012 ressemblera à cela… Et ce n’est que le début!

04.02 – Germany, spAck! 10th anniversary (Siershahn)
24.02 – Germany, Köln
25.02 – Germany, Viva Con SkaPunk Festival (Hamburg)
03.03 – France, Nevers
17.03 – France, Noyon
24.03 – France, Roots du Rock Festival (Grosbliederstroff)
06.04 – Luxembourg, Luxembourg
05.05 – France, Cambrous’tival, Cercy la tour
21.07 – Germany, Scream It Out Loud Festival (Düsseldorf)
03.08 – Belgium, Ete Rock Lite Festival (LaHamaide)
10.08 – Germany, Open Flair Festival (Eschwege)
11.08 – Germany, Tells Bells Festival (Villmar)
08.09 – France, Festival de la Pucelle (Ste Catherine de Fierbois)


We’re playing our last show for 2011 this Saturday, in the Netherlands, with our British friends from The JB Conspiracy. It should be a lot of fun. If ever you’re in the area, make sure to show up!

Dernier concert de 2011 pour nous ce samedi, aux Pays-Bas, avec les copains british de The JB Conspiracy. On va se marrer, c’est certain.


This Is My Fest in Paris (France) on November 24/25/26 is almost sold out! We’re playing on Saturday 26th, but there are only a couple of 3-day passes left. So hurry up, and grab yours! It’s gonna be a hell of a party. Also, we’re playing home again! This time, a small club (Soap Box Club), on Friday December 2nd. There is a Facebook event for those of you who think, as we do, that the real life is on Facebook haha. Be there anyway! Last but not least, we are in Groezrock Festival 2012 poll! Help us out playing that fest again by visiting this facebook page, and by clicking on P.O.Box. Your help is once again very appreciated! Oh yeah, be sure to spread the word around you. Thanx!

This Is My Fest à Paris les 24/25/26 november est quasi sold-out! On joue le samedi 26, et il reste seulement quelques pass 3 jours. Magnez vous de prendre le votre! Ca va être énorme. Aussi, on joue à nouveau à la maison! Cette fois ci, un petit club (le Soap Box), le vendredi 2 décembre, avec nos potes Reviens. Il y a un évènement Facebook pour ceux d’entre vous qui, comme nous, pensent que Facebook c’est la vie haha. Soyez là quoiqu’il en soit! Pour terminer, on est dans le « vote » pour le Groezrock 2012. Un petit coup de main nous aidera beaucoup: il suffit d’aller sur cette page facebook, et de cliquer sur P.O.Box. Promis, on vous épouse en échange! Et n’oubliez pas de faire tourner autour de vous. Merci!


Today is the official release of « Detour(s) » in Europe! Go get it!

Rockstar Energy Drink France is once again offering tickets for our show in Brussels on October 22nd. Simply get to their facebook page and answer the question.

Aujourd’hui, c’est la sortie officielle de « Detour(s) » en Europe!
A nouveau, Rockstar Energy Drink France offre des places pour notre concert à Bruxelles du 22 octobre. Il suffit d’aller sur leur page facebook et de répondre à la question.


We’re playing in our hometown on september 29th at l’Autre Canal. Tickets are 5/8euros.
You can win free tickets on Rockstar Energy Drink facebook page!

On joue à la maison le jeudi 29 septembre, à l’Autre Canal. Les billets sont à 5/8euros.
Vous pouvez en gagner sur la page facebook de Rockstar Energy Drink!


As you can see, we have a brand new website: hope you will like it. Also, great news, we’re now sponsored by « Rockstar Energy Drink »! « Like » their Facebook page, they deserve it. Last but not least, visit the « merch » section to order our new EP/DVD « Detour(s) » and get it in your mailbox.

Comme tu peux le remarquer, on a un nouveau site web. Aussi, grande nouvelle, on est maintenant sponsorisés par « Rockstar Energy Drink »! « Like » leur page sur Facebook, ca vaut le coup. Enfin, visite la partie « merch » où tu peux commander notre nouvel EP/DVD « Detour(s) » et le recevoir dans ta boite aux lettres.


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